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Exterior Services

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Roof Replacements

The quality and durability of your roof is crucial to the overall comfort, safety, and value of your home. That is why you should trust it to the experts at Perfect Exteriors & Interiors. We offer a wide selection of roofing styles, each one designed to look good and built to last. Our experienced design consultants and installation specialists have worked with SE Wisconsin homeowners for over 15 years. Call us today for a free roof inspection and estimate.

Roofing Repairs, Chimney & Skylight Flashing

It’s hard to miss gaping holes or fallen shingles. But it is the more subtle signs of roof damage that are often the most dangerous. Small cracks around the chimney, mold and mildew build up, and other less obvious signs of damage are the ones that can lead to the most long term damage.

Roof repair is a tricky, often dangerous, business. And while many homeowners will simply drag out the ladder and patch a leak themselves, this is not the right way to go about it. To ensure you are preserving your home for many years to come, it is always best to call a professional roofing contractor like Perfect Exteriors & Interiors. Call today for a free roofing inspection.

Emergency Roof Repairs & Storm Damage

When tragedy strikes and serious damage is done to your roof, timing is everything. You need a local roofing company that can be on your property in a matter of hours. Here at Perfect Exteriors, we are that local roofing contractor. We provide emergency roof repair services to our local area, moving quickly to seal off all affected areas, assess the scale of the damage, and provide you with a plan of action for repairing your roof.


Nothing will affect the appearance of your home more dramatically than the exterior siding you choose. Purchasing new siding for your home is a decision with major significance, both aesthetically and functionally. Unlike a fresh paint job or decorating scheme, new siding is something you’ll likely commit to for many years. The professionals at Perfect Exteriors are here to help you through the process of choosing the best siding options for your home.

Gutter Installation

House gutters are essential for draining and re-routing rain off your roof and away from your home. Their most important function is to channel rainwater away from the foundation of your house, though gutters normally prevent water from collecting across your doors and windows after trickling down the siding. Our team of exterior repair and replacement experts are here to preserve your home.


Roof insulation plays an important role in reducing the amount of energy you consume for heating and cooling, and in turn reduces your energy bills. Insulation is measured by an R-value - the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating capacity of the material. Colder climates require higher R-value insulation to ensure that less heat is lost through the roof of your home.

In addition, insulation will also help keep the cool air inside during the warm weather. Roof insulation can typically be added relatively easily when you are building a new home or replacing the roof on your existing home. Our team of experts can help you assess the right insulation to help you conserve energy and save money!

Window Replacement

According to the US department of energy, most homes have air leaks and drafts that waste so much energy it's like leaving a window open in your home all year long. Think about what that does to your energy bill. We can help transform your home into one that is both energy efficient and comfortable to live in.

Interior Services

Interior Renovations

Are you ready to take the old and make in new? We are here to help! Whether you want to remodel the dated bathroom, update the kitchen, give your family room a new look or create extra space with an addition, Perfect Exteriors & Interiors is here to assist you every step of the way.

Granite Countertops

If you are remodeling your kitchen, installing a new bathroom, or just looking for a new look, try adding one of our beautiful granite countertops to pull the whole project together. Our custom countertops or stunning tile backsplashes can become the focal point of any room and a great conversation piece as your guests continually comment on the splendor of it.

Granite adds a rich beauty that few other countertop materials can match. It is a natural products that offers timeless aura and appeal. Granite countertops are not only beautiful but also durable, easy to clean, resistant to heat and scratches and can add a rich beauty that few other countertops can match. Call Tom today to schedule a free consultation!

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